Natural hair for African American hair

Naturally straightened hair without the use of chemicals.

 Natural Hair Relaxers African American Hair

Here’s a couple of real life reviews about New Options’ Natural hair relaxers African American hair.

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“If you want to grow your hair and keep it, New Options is the only way to go. There’s nothing better…there’s nothing really to compare it to! Try these products. They speak for themselves!”

-Lorraine Currence
Owner Creative Hair Salon in Hackesack, NJ

“New Options Enzyme No-Lye is the best relaxer I have ever used. My hair is straight, soft, and THICK! Somehow, it reminds me of the days when my hair was straightened with a straightening comb. In fact, my friends are impressed with my hair…and so am I.”

-Rachel Marshall, Attorney
Newark, NJ
New Options Enzyme Relaxer

“Super Perm”, that’s what I call New Options Alkaline Mineral Relaxer. The fact that it doesn’t burn is a plus for me! I love the versatility, I can wear my hair natural or straight. I love the way it makes my hair feel, so soft and natural. I don’t have to worry about breakage or constant dryness like other relaxers.”

-Dawn Brown
Westfield, New Jersey
Insurance Agent

“Before New Options Alkaline Mineral I experienced constant breakage, my hair was dry and brittle. Now, I have the flexibility I need with my hair styling.”

-Sakina Conway
Pharmaceutical Sales