How to Soften and Color Natural Hair on the Same Day

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by Errol Crockett 4 Comments

how to relax and color the same day

How to Soften and Color Hair on the Same Day

I’m getting lots of calls from customers who want to wear color and also want to use our chemical free alkaline mineral softener.

The key to wearing color, in this instance, is that your hair is healthy and has not been compromised by previous use of harsh chemicals.

If you’re already wearing color, we want to make sure that your hair is strong and healthy before we soften.

In this case, we want to recommend our Reconstructor-Penetrator as a first step.
Reconstructor Penetrator is a fruit amino acid (protein) that will assure that your color treated hair is in great shape, before we start.
Apply Reconstructor – Penetrator to the color treated hair. Don’t cover the new growth.
 Next, sit under a warm dryer or just use heat cap for 15 minutes.
 When you’re done with the dryer, don’t rinse the Reconstructor.
Let your scalp cool down before applying the Alkaline Mineral Softener directly to the new growth, only after processing your hair with Alkaline Mineral Softener for the appropriate amount of time, ie. 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.
 Next, pull the Alkaline Mineral Softener through to the ends of your hair, only for as long as it takes to get to the shampoo bowl, (5 or 6 minutes).
 Rinse everything together; shampoo moisturize, (new options has a leave-in conditioner) roller set, blow dry curl, wash and go.
 If you want to color and soften, the same day, be sure and process with your Alkaline Mineral Softener first; rinse, shampoo, towel blot really well and then proceed to apply your color.
Next, rinse your color, shampoo and then apply your moisturizer.
If you’re looking for a package deal that will include all of the tools necessary, please consider our package deal # 1
 Okay, gotta go!
Thanks so much!

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  1. Nikoyah says:

    Hi there, I have bigen colour treated hair, what products am I able to use to straighten my natural hair please?

    Thank you

  2. Sharon Simpson says:

    I purchase the enzyme no lye relaxer. I am currently relaxed with about 2 inch of news growth. Do I apply this the same way the alkaline mineral softner is used?

    • Errol Crockett says:

      The enzyme application is a little bit different from the alkaline mineral softener application. With the enzyme no lye relaxer, make sure you mix Parts 1 & 2 before you apply.

      Total application time for the enzyme no lye relaxer should be no more than 20 minutes and should be applied to the new growth only.



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