Science and Technology

A 40-year chronicle of hair care technology, as I remember it.

by Errol Crockett, President of New Options Hair Care

My earliest memory of hair care technology is the “press & curl”. In those days Mom and most of her professional peers were using “thermal” or “heat” styling. Anyone that can remember that far back will remember super curly hair that was long, thick and beautiful. If you can’t remember that far back, try to catch an old episode of “Soul Train.”

Next, there was, the relaxer (sodium hydroxide). I remember this because I was the only kid at my high school, with a “blow-out”. My mother was a professional cosmetologist who had just discovered this stuff called RELAXER and she seemed determined to learn how to work with it… on ME. I was her guinea pig. I can still see the looks on my friends’ faces when I came to school after a night of experimentation with Mom. And, I can still hear their voices, “What happened to your hair?!”

The last innovative hair care technology for super curly hair was the permanent wave or the “Jheri curl”. “Jheri Curl” was made with ammonium thio glycolic acid. It softened the hair strand and prepared the way for a new curl or wave formation. It was a “care free” way to keep super curly hair looking great and provided definition to unruly curl patterns. An added benefit to this system was that the consuming public was thoroughly indoctrinated about the importance of a moisturizing regime that would allow the hair to grow rapidly. The downside was that the Jheri curl “greased” pillow cases, collars, and furniture whenever it was worn! (Reference: “Coming to America” starring Eddie Murphy).

In our view, the best and most recent hair care technology has come to us by way of salts. We believe salt (sodium) is the latest technological discovery in the area of natural hair care. We use this technology to make hair soft… not straight! We know from our early hair care history that super curly hair does not have to be straightened with chemicals in order to be worn in a straight style! We know you can wear your hair curly by using water and we know that when you make super curly hair soft, it is easier to manage. We also know you can make curly hair straight by simply using one of the oldest and most reliable natural elements…HEAT (i.e. flat Iron, curling Iron, pressing comb, and blow dryer with comb attachment).

This is why we call our line New Options. New Options is a line of hair care for clients searching for natural solutions to wearing their own natural hair.

No more hydroxides! No more ammonium thio glycolic acids! Just the latest science, technology, and common-sense hair care.