Natural Hair and The Confidence To Transition

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Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Natural Hair Conference

Transitioning From Weaved Or Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair Requires A New Level of Confidence

I was speaking with a lady who confided in me that she wanted to come out of the permanently weaved hairstyles that she had been accustomed to for the last 15 years.

She was done with relaxers, tired of weaves and wanted to wear her natural hair.

Her heart was so into it; it reminded me of my 1st attempt to swim the length of the pool during the deep end tryouts at the YMCA.

I was around 8, and every month all of the “guppies”, and “minnows” could swim the full length of the pool and graduate to a more advanced level; if they made it all the way.

Long story short, I didn’t make it on my first attempt. The life gaurd had to jump in to save me. As he grabbed me, he yelled, “put your feet down!”. I did, and found myself in water that was a little more than chest deep… Embarrassing!! I could have just walked to the edge, but my conditioned mind took over and I thought I was going to die.

Despite my earnest plea, she finally decided to go back and get her status quo.

I guess I’m a hopeless romantic, when it comes to natural hair, somehow it says POWER.

But I’m encouraged, when I watch the nightly news, I mean, sisters are representing to the fullest.

To see those beautifully twisted tresses, the earrings, the confidence and the intelligent articulation is breathtaking, really!

And how necessary, how vital is that image to the natural hair movement?

Very vital, very important, because it will eventually help to encourage the young lady I spoke of earlier.

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