The Emotional Side of Natural Hair

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transition into natural hair

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Try to straighten a sisters hair, who has already experienced the “BIG CHOP”.

Let me say this; serving the natural hair beauty market is no joke. It’s not something you can take lightly.
The emotional and psychological space of a woman and her natural hair experience can be a serious place; (if there are any men out there reading this, you may or may not know what I’m talking about) but if you don’t know, you’d better ask SOMEBODY!
Try to straighten a sisters hair, who has already experienced the “BIG CHOP”. “My hair has grown back, I’m having difficulty, trying to manage, I’m a professional, I need to work; not spend all day doing my hair.” “But, you want me to do what? Oh *Heck* No! I’m never putting another relaxer in my hair, ever!”
We’re dealing with clients everyday and I can’t say that I’ve heard it all, but, I’ve heard enough.
I know there’s a deep psychologically skepticism for any woman who has lost her hair and has finally seen the light.
If she hasn’t been able to make a demonstration of the quality and style she would like to portray, it can affect everything from her job outlook, to her personal relationships.

Its All About Who’s Wearing The Pants

It reminds me of the time my mother bought me these pants. They were red and blue striped from top to bottom.
I attended School # 12, a grammar school, in Paterson NJ, back in the 1960s.
Natural Hair

Public School # 12, Paterson, NJ

One day, I arrived at school and one of the little girls and I were wearing the exact same pants!
When I saw her, I GASPED! I almost passed out!
I ran out of the class before anyone noticed me and I never returned to school with those pants on again.
I even got a “smack down” over it, from Mom. She said, “you are going to wear those pants!, There’s nothing wrong with those pants!”
I even played “hooky”, just so no one would see me in those pants.
I shared that story, to let you know, that I know, how crazy it can be, if you’re not looking the way you want to look!

How are they going to concentrate on learning

So, let’s not even go there with young girls. How are they going to concentrate on learning, if they’re concentrating on what their hair is looking like? If their hair is not acceptable to them and their peers, the psychological trauma can be debilitating.
I said all that, to say that I take my responsibility to help care for natural hair very seriously, because I know the effect it can have on a person’s well-being and personal success.
Speaking of well-being here is a package deal that features a softener and a hair repair kit.
This package contains everything you need to repair and transition.
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