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How to Soften and Color Natural Hair on the Same Day

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by Errol Crockett 4 Comments

how to relax and color the same day

How to Soften and Color Hair on the Same Day

I’m getting lots of calls from customers who want to wear color and also want to use our chemical free alkaline mineral softener.

The key to wearing color, in this instance, is that your hair is healthy and has not been compromised by previous use of harsh chemicals.

If you’re already wearing color, we want to make sure that your hair is strong and healthy before we soften.

In this case, we want to recommend our Reconstructor-Penetrator as a first step.
Reconstructor Penetrator is a fruit amino acid (protein) that will assure that your color treated hair is in great shape, before we start.
Apply Reconstructor – Penetrator to the color treated hair. Don’t cover the new growth.
 Next, sit under a warm dryer or just use heat cap for 15 minutes.
 When you’re done with the dryer, don’t rinse the Reconstructor.
Let your scalp cool down before applying the Alkaline Mineral Softener directly to the new growth, only after processing your hair with Alkaline Mineral Softener for the appropriate amount of time, ie. 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.
 Next, pull the Alkaline Mineral Softener through to the ends of your hair, only for as long as it takes to get to the shampoo bowl, (5 or 6 minutes).
 Rinse everything together; shampoo moisturize, (new options has a leave-in conditioner) roller set, blow dry curl, wash and go.
 If you want to color and soften, the same day, be sure and process with your Alkaline Mineral Softener first; rinse, shampoo, towel blot really well and then proceed to apply your color.
Next, rinse your color, shampoo and then apply your moisturizer.
If you’re looking for a package deal that will include all of the tools necessary, please consider our package deal # 1
 Okay, gotta go!
Thanks so much!

Solving Natural Hair Care Issues, One Issue At a Time

Posted on: April 13th, 2017 by Errol Crockett No Comments

Natural Hair Care Advertising Exceeds Expectations

Hello again New Options Nation,

I want to thank you all for participating in the online special that I ran in the first quarter it was a spectacular success.
Honestly, as a small business owner, it was the first time that an advertising vehicle, besides face-to-face sales,  has ever worked for me.
I must say, I was caught off-guard a little. I can feel some of you nodding your head in agreement; because I ran out of Softener twice!
Well, I’ve solved that problem and I’m ready to go.

We’ve been getting fantastic reviews!

Also, we’ve been getting fantastic reviews! Check this one:

“I feel like it was made just for me. This is the best product I ever used, hands down. My hair is soft, shiny, manageable and most of all healthy. I don’t fear sweating at all and I can’t say enough.

I am definitely ordering more. I actually love my hair now.

I can’t thank you enough.”

Diane Smith

Listen, some of you only ordered the Alkaline Mineral Softener and that’s perfectly fine, because you don’t really need any special shampoo to use this product.

However, our shampoo and conditioners have special qualities that I believe you’re going to really enjoy.

If you order our Package Deal # 3, the shampoo and moisturizer is included for only $49.95.

As a special bonus everyone that orders this package deal will get an automatic upgrade which will include a Reconstructor Penetrator, which is a hair care maintenance product that you’re not going to want to live without, once you’ve tried it.

Okay, I got to go. It’s like, 80 degrees out here and I’m writing this in my car.

This offer is good for the month of April only.

Thanks family,

Stay beautiful

natural hair relaxer

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is the best natural relaxer choice on the planet!

Is Natural Hair Relaxer Still a Chemical?

Posted on: January 30th, 2017 by Errol Crockett No Comments
Natural Hair Relaxer

The best natural hair relaxer formula on the Planet!


New Options is the Best Natural Hair Relaxer Option.

I thought this would be an interesting read. This is an actual comment that a prospective customer posted on the New Options Facebook Business Page.

I think its a fair assertion, and it gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain why we think New Options is the best natural hair relaxer Option.

She said,

“Here’s the thing. Its supposed to soften hair and needs to be reapplied to the roots every 6-8 weeks… Doesn’t that remind you all of perms/relaxers? Sure it doesn’t straighten your hair, but it is chemical processing since it softens the curls in your hair.”

I answered,

I can understand your perspective. There’s a lot of conversation about what’s chemical and what’s natural.

We don’t claim that this product is 100% natural because then we would have to participate in the disagreements about what’s natural and what’s not natural.

This product is made of Sodium, NaCl, salt; and salt is a compound that we’re all familiar with.

Epsom Salt Makes Your Skin Soft, Alkaline Mineral Softener Makes Your Hair Soft

We use it in Epsom Salt, Contact lens saline solutions; if we’re ever in need of care and the body’s pH is to acidic, we use IV with a Saline drip.

My point is, that sodium has a similar effect on hair; it softens and adjusts pH, which is a perfect formulation for super curly hair.

Here are a list of professionals that use New Options Hair Care on a regular basis.You can use them as a reference.

Additionally, just because a product is all natural, by any of our standards, it doesn’t mean the formula is any good.

This formula is proven, safe, and guaranteed.

If you don’t like your sample, I’ll even refund the $8.95 shipping.

It ain’t nothin but a party!


natural hair relaxer

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is the best natural relaxer choice on the planet!

Natural Hair Freedom Fighters

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Hello Fellow Natural Hair Freedom Fighters,  

I’m sitting here trying to stick to my new 2017 work routine.

I’m not on the road as much as I used to be. (Here are some instructions).

Although I miss those soultry days and nights peering through the city windows of any beauty salon with a light on, its just not the time to continue hustling in that way.
I think that anyone who wants to advance in today’s business environment has to consider new methods, new technologies or get left behind.
I used to see 15 to 20 salons sometimes, five to six days a week; now I contact sometimes more than a thousand in a day.
Times are changing and there’s a new discovery everyday.

Speaking of new discoveries I’m hoping that by now you’ve discovered New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener.

You can use this letter as a coupon, just contact me and remind me and I’ll give you a free protein reconstructor on your next order for Package Deal # 3.


Natural Hair Softener

Try The Brazilian Blowout Alternative

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Natural Relaxer

Natural relaxer’s are heat activated

Welcome To My World!

Hey, this is Errol, I’m the owner of New Options Hair Care and want to officially welcome you to my world.

I’m a second-generation cosmetologist. My Mom was a cosmetologist, so I’ve been around beauty salons for a long time.

I’ve also had the privilege of working for several major Hair Care manufacturers.

I started New Options Hair Care 15 years ago. My main motivators were: Freedom, Job Security and Financial Independence.

I have watched the progression of products, fads, and new techniques come through the beauty industry, starting with the relaxer.

I was the first kid in my high school to show up with a “blow out”, and Im not even Brazilian! (A little keyword lingo) My mother was experimenting with this new cream called a “relaxer” and I was her first victim.

Then came the Jheri curl; after that, the freeze curl.

Hairstyles got shorter and shorter.

So when I decided to start my business, it took me awhile before I figured out what type of product or service I could possibly bring to Market.

What could I give to my potential customers that would make them want to help me to achieve my goal of Freedom, Financial Independence and Security?

Wait until you see what I came up with and I want you to try it, for FREE!
Look out for my special offer in tomorrow’s email.

The subject line will be: The Greatest Discovery.

See you tomorrow !


Natural Hair Softener

Relaxers for White People

Posted on: August 11th, 2015 by Errol Crockett 4 Comments
Relaxers for white people

Yes, relaxers are for white people too.

“Are your relaxers for white people?” I’ve been getting a lot of these calls lately, so I figured I’d better write a post on the subject.

It’s not the first time but,  just a couple of days ago a customer called and said, “hey are your relaxers for white people too, I’m an Italian guy and my hair is all over the place.” That was the way he described his hair texture.

It was actually funny to listen to him describe his hair, as if he were an alien or something. He seriously sounded distressed. He continued, “I just want to soften it and make it more manageable, so that I can pull it back into a ponytail and make it look smooth, you know; flat.”

Well, I say it’s funny, but with a little reflection, I know that I don’t have any “white” models on my website. Obviously, I have to make some changes.

In the meantime, to all my Italian ,Polish, British; all right, if I must say it; all my “white” friends, you can absolutely use our natural hair products to manage your curly, kinky, wavy, unruly, hair. After all, that’s what the “black” people are doing.

New options hair care is not only for “black” people; “white” people can use our natural hair relaxers too.

By the way, we can all use the same instructions.  Unbelievable!  Right?


Myth 13: Is there such a thing as a natural relaxer?

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Errol Crockett 21 Comments

Natural relaxers

When the curl era ended, the relaxer became bigger than ever.

During the switch from wet to dry hair, it was apparent that relaxers were here to stay.