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Marketing Strategy: Own Your Hair Care Line

Posted on: January 21st, 2016 by Errol Crockett 2 Comments
Has anyone ever heard of Uber? Hair Care Professionals must innovate or face consequences...

Has anyone ever heard of Uber?
Hair Care Professionals must innovate or face consequences…

 Over $60 billion in cosmetics, beauty, and natural hair care products are sold in these United States every year.

Every day beauty professionals are sold on using natural hair care products that are manufactured for their trade.

For years the manufacturers have succeeded in convincing us to promote a product that we know will eventually be sold directly to the public.

The sales pitch goes something like this: “Miss Jones this is a great product and if you will use this product in your business, we promise, we won’t sell it to anyone but you.”

In my opinion, beauty professionals have forgotten how important the concept of exclusivity is when it comes to using and promoting professional hair products.

The prominent rise of the urban beauty supply store is fueled by the professional cosmetologist and barber. If it weren’t for the professional cosmetologist and the barber, the public wouldn’t have confidence in the products that are sold in the retail stores.

How many of us remember when you couldn’t even walk into a Sally’s Beauty Supply store without showing your professional license. There was a healthy respect for the beauty professionals; this is no longer the case. Anyone can walk into any beauty supply store and purchase the brand that you, the beauty professional worked so hard to promote; and what do you get? You get to continue your daily grind, forever tied to your chair; you don’t get any credit at all.

Beauty professionals in every major City are working hard, promoting beauty products free of charge and to their own demise.

Everyday we use and promote professional hair products. We expose the brand to our customers, we educate them, provide them with the features and benefits of the product and then send them out of our own establishment to purchase the product from someone else.

As I survey the professional beauty landscape, I know that beauty salons and other beauty professionals are looking for new answers.

We are looking for new ways to gather lost revenues. We are stunned by the disappearing of the glory days, the days of the relaxer and the curl, when professionals made money “hand over fist”.

“Where did it all go”, we ask ourselves? I suggest that it has gone the way of all industry’s that have failed to change; that have failed to innovate.

The profits of yesterday have disappeared because we have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The ideas and methods of doing business that we used 20 years ago simply will not work today.

Take a look at what’s happened to the taxi industry. Has anyone ever heard of Uber?

The taxi industry was sound asleep and another business, that didn’t even own any taxis, came along and practically wiped them out overnight.

If beauty professionals are going to succeed in today’s environment we are going to have to innovate.

I’m asking you, the beauty professionals; why don’t you have your own beauty product lines? After all, you’re already doing all of the work. You have the artistic skills, the beauty expertise and the knowledge. You know more about hair care, than anyone on the planet! You own or work in a beauty establishment, educate the public concerning the features and benefits of various products , yet you don’t own your own product lines.

If you will innovate in this area, I promise you, you will “change the game”. You will find new and well deserved income and in the future, when products are sold in a beauty supply store, the product will be yours and the retail establishment will gladly buy them from you.

Learn to create and brand your own beauty product lines.

I hope to see you on February 22, 2016.