Can There Really Be An All Natural Relaxer For Black Hair?

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This was the first objection I ran into as a career beauty supply salesman.

I worked for Dudley Products Company back in the “Glory Days”, my mother was a Cosmetologist and Vigorol was the closest thing we had to a “Natural Relaxer” until Rio stepped onto the scene.

If you remember anything about Rio, you remember that it was a disaster.

It was a disaster because Rio, like Vigorol, is a thioglycolic acid, which is cool until you try to apply a chemical relaxer on top of it.

There was hair loss by the bag full and it affected to whole country.

Chemical Relaxers are Alkaline, usually with a pH of 13 or more.

It was African American men who originally used a relaxer on natural hair and it worked out fine because they would have the damaged hair cut one to two weeks after the relaxer and no one ever noticed effects.

It didn’t work out as well for African American women.

Can There Really Be An All Natural Relaxer For Black Hair?

The short answer is no! But it’s not the only answer.

If by “Relax”, you mean “Straighten”, the answer is no, there are no chemical free relaxers that will permanently straighten your hair.

However, being a professional in the industry for more than 25 years, I know that chemical relaxers don’t “Relax”; they destroy!

A chemical relaxer is made up of sodium hydroxide which can dissolve cuticle at a rate of 1% per minute after the initial application.

If you process your hair for 20 minutes with a chemical relaxer, you will lose 20% of the diameter of your hair strand.

What Is A Natural Relaxer And How Does It Work On Natural Hair?

For the sake of our discussion I’m going to define a “Natural Relaxer” as a relaxer that doesn’t include any harmful chemicals. The major culprit in any chemical hair relaxer is Hydroxide.

From my personal experience I have discovered that most women really don’t want to relax their hair.

Most of the clients that we have encountered just want their hair to be more manageable; they want the assurance that their hair is going to be healthy and they want to save time.

I’ve been around the beauty industry for more than 30 years now, I’m a second generation Cosmetologist.

Back in the early ’60s to late ’70s, I watch my mother and her peers make spectacular livings performing a service called, “Press n Curl”.

They were using heat (a natural element) to press hair straight and if you can remember, the hair was beautiful and we didn’t have any problems at all with growth.

Press n Curl hair styles have yielded the longest hair for African American women that I’ve seen in recent decades.

We were well aware that Black Women didn’t have to have straight hair in order to wear straight styles.

As a result of this knowledge we have made some advancements in the field and have been able to create a natural relaxer by creating an Alkaline based product, but removing the Hydroxide leg.

We’ve know for a long time that we can straighten super curly hair with heat.

All we had to do is make the hair Soft. Once super curly hair is softened, it can easily be straightened.

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