Natural Hair Freedom Fighters

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Hello Fellow Natural Hair Freedom Fighters,  

I’m sitting here trying to stick to my new 2017 work routine.

I’m not on the road as much as I used to be. (Here are some instructions).

Although I miss those soultry days and nights peering through the city windows of any beauty salon with a light on, its just not the time to continue hustling in that way.
I think that anyone who wants to advance in today’s business environment has to consider new methods, new technologies or get left behind.
I used to see 15 to 20 salons sometimes, five to six days a week; now I contact sometimes more than a thousand in a day.
Times are changing and there’s a new discovery everyday.

Speaking of new discoveries I’m hoping that by now you’ve discovered New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener.

You can use this letter as a coupon, just contact me and remind me and I’ll give you a free protein reconstructor on your next order for Package Deal # 3.


Natural Hair Softener

How I Escaped the Relaxer Paradigm

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Beautiful Two Strand Twist

Beautiful Twist

How I Escaped the Relaxer Paradigm

There we were sitting in the middle of Harlem eating burgers, the two of us.

Cheryl is a good friend and a second-generation cosmetologist as I am.

What’s even more relevant to this conversation is that she’s probably one of the best beauty product formulators on the planet.

She drops the answer right in my lap when she turns to me and says,  “you know, black women don’t need to have straight hair in order to wear straight styles; they never did.

There was dead silence on my end. Cheryl kept eating.

It’s not that I didn’t know that, because my mother made a fabulous living as a hairdresser and most of her clients wore what we called “press and curl.”

From that moment, I knew, that if I could soften natural hair, making it straight, would be easy, with any form of heat; and it was much healthier for the hair, since natural hair is not compromised by damage caused by chemical relaxer.

Okay, I know what I’m going to bring to the market, I’ve got my purpose and the company mission down; I’m ready to go, but that wasn’t the only thing I discovered.

Oh, I almost forgot. Just let me know where to send your  FREE ALKALINE MINERAL SOFTENER and I’ll ship it right out.

All I ask you to do is to handle the shipping, it’s $8.95

Be on the lookout for my email tomorrow. I’ll share with you a little power secret I also discovered while I was preparing our product for the market.

If you’re a business owner or know of someone who is interested in making extra money, you may want to share this email with them.

Check out our next email entitled: The Hidden Benefit of Using New Options Hair Care.



Hurry, this offer won’t last long!

Natural Hair Softener


Try The Brazilian Blowout Alternative

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Natural Relaxer

Natural relaxer’s are heat activated

Welcome To My World!

Hey, this is Errol, I’m the owner of New Options Hair Care and want to officially welcome you to my world.

I’m a second-generation cosmetologist. My Mom was a cosmetologist, so I’ve been around beauty salons for a long time.

I’ve also had the privilege of working for several major Hair Care manufacturers.

I started New Options Hair Care 15 years ago. My main motivators were: Freedom, Job Security and Financial Independence.

I have watched the progression of products, fads, and new techniques come through the beauty industry, starting with the relaxer.

I was the first kid in my high school to show up with a “blow out”, and Im not even Brazilian! (A little keyword lingo) My mother was experimenting with this new cream called a “relaxer” and I was her first victim.

Then came the Jheri curl; after that, the freeze curl.

Hairstyles got shorter and shorter.

So when I decided to start my business, it took me awhile before I figured out what type of product or service I could possibly bring to Market.

What could I give to my potential customers that would make them want to help me to achieve my goal of Freedom, Financial Independence and Security?

Wait until you see what I came up with and I want you to try it, for FREE!
Look out for my special offer in tomorrow’s email.

The subject line will be: The Greatest Discovery.

See you tomorrow !


Natural Hair Softener

What Happens When You Use Homemade Hair Relaxer

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Homemade Hair Relaxer

Author: Andrea Mobley, New Options Hair Care Enthusiast

Why I’m Done With Homemade Hair Relaxer

I’m done experimenting with homemade hair relaxers.

I’ve  been natural since 2000…off and on. I have to clarify because every time my thick 4b texture grew to right about shoulder length, I grew frustrated, felt it was unmanageable and began re-evaluating relaxing my hair.

The first time I went back to the relaxer, my hair emerged as a wondrous head of curls. I looked in the mirror and could not believe that it was MY hair, More importantly… I couldn’t recreate it. As soon as my new growth came in, the roots wouldn’t match those first perfect curls and, eventually, I would be back to another big chop.

I tried a series of natural hair relaxers both commercial and homemade. There were several clay options that relied on the clay being applied, heated and then rinsed it out. I felt like whatever benefit the clay granted, went right now the drain with the clay. Another concoction involved eggs and mayonnaise. It took me quite a bit of washing to get the smell out of my hair. I was so sad and frustrated. Everything took hours of preparation and the result lasted only a few days if at all.

My lack of success led me to “texlaxing”. Texlaxing is the process of using a texturizer, a mild relaxer, or a relaxer mixed with a conditioner or oil to relax the hair. The idea is to relax it enough to make it manageable but not enough to straighten. Once again, I could not reproduce the same results. I did discover some handy application techniques but my hair still showed damage and I was back to trimming the ends until I was fully natural again. After my last chop, I wore braids and wigs with the internal understanding that my curls and kinks were just too unruly and I would never be able to keep any kind of length or manageability.

During a late night internet research session, I stumbled across the answer to my quandary in the alkaline mineral softener by New Options Hair Care. The technology of the softener did not destroy the cuticle of the hair like a harsh chemical. The results didn’t vanish a few days, as a matter of fact; the results didn’t vanish at all. After more research, I took the plunge and softened my virgin 4b hair. When I stepped out of the shower, I looked in the mirror with awe. There they were—the gorgeous waves and curls I remembered from over a decade ago! I was excited and nervous. Would I be able to maintain it? Would my hair turn dry and angry? Would I be grabbing the scissors in a few months?

Nearly half a year later, I can say I’ve maintained my curls after multiple retouches and I have the flexibility to blow dry my hair straight with little to no effort which will come in handy during the winter months. My hair sits right above my shoulder and I am watching it grow with excitement. Every naturalista has a holy grail—a conditioner, a styling cream—some product that they can’t live without. For me, this is definitely it.

Marketing Strategy: Own Your Hair Care Line

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Has anyone ever heard of Uber? Hair Care Professionals must innovate or face consequences...

Has anyone ever heard of Uber?
Hair Care Professionals must innovate or face consequences…

 Over $60 billion in cosmetics, beauty, and natural hair care products are sold in these United States every year.

Every day beauty professionals are sold on using natural hair care products that are manufactured for their trade.

For years the manufacturers have succeeded in convincing us to promote a product that we know will eventually be sold directly to the public.

The sales pitch goes something like this: “Miss Jones this is a great product and if you will use this product in your business, we promise, we won’t sell it to anyone but you.”

In my opinion, beauty professionals have forgotten how important the concept of exclusivity is when it comes to using and promoting professional hair products.

The prominent rise of the urban beauty supply store is fueled by the professional cosmetologist and barber. If it weren’t for the professional cosmetologist and the barber, the public wouldn’t have confidence in the products that are sold in the retail stores.

How many of us remember when you couldn’t even walk into a Sally’s Beauty Supply store without showing your professional license. There was a healthy respect for the beauty professionals; this is no longer the case. Anyone can walk into any beauty supply store and purchase the brand that you, the beauty professional worked so hard to promote; and what do you get? You get to continue your daily grind, forever tied to your chair; you don’t get any credit at all.

Beauty professionals in every major City are working hard, promoting beauty products free of charge and to their own demise.

Everyday we use and promote professional hair products. We expose the brand to our customers, we educate them, provide them with the features and benefits of the product and then send them out of our own establishment to purchase the product from someone else.

As I survey the professional beauty landscape, I know that beauty salons and other beauty professionals are looking for new answers.

We are looking for new ways to gather lost revenues. We are stunned by the disappearing of the glory days, the days of the relaxer and the curl, when professionals made money “hand over fist”.

“Where did it all go”, we ask ourselves? I suggest that it has gone the way of all industry’s that have failed to change; that have failed to innovate.

The profits of yesterday have disappeared because we have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The ideas and methods of doing business that we used 20 years ago simply will not work today.

Take a look at what’s happened to the taxi industry. Has anyone ever heard of Uber?

The taxi industry was sound asleep and another business, that didn’t even own any taxis, came along and practically wiped them out overnight.

If beauty professionals are going to succeed in today’s environment we are going to have to innovate.

I’m asking you, the beauty professionals; why don’t you have your own beauty product lines? After all, you’re already doing all of the work. You have the artistic skills, the beauty expertise and the knowledge. You know more about hair care, than anyone on the planet! You own or work in a beauty establishment, educate the public concerning the features and benefits of various products , yet you don’t own your own product lines.

If you will innovate in this area, I promise you, you will “change the game”. You will find new and well deserved income and in the future, when products are sold in a beauty supply store, the product will be yours and the retail establishment will gladly buy them from you.

Learn to create and brand your own beauty product lines.

I hope to see you on February 22, 2016.

Relaxers for White People

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Relaxers for white people

Yes, relaxers are for white people too.

“Are your relaxers for white people?” I’ve been getting a lot of these calls lately, so I figured I’d better write a post on the subject.

It’s not the first time but,  just a couple of days ago a customer called and said, “hey are your relaxers for white people too, I’m an Italian guy and my hair is all over the place.” That was the way he described his hair texture.

It was actually funny to listen to him describe his hair, as if he were an alien or something. He seriously sounded distressed. He continued, “I just want to soften it and make it more manageable, so that I can pull it back into a ponytail and make it look smooth, you know; flat.”

Well, I say it’s funny, but with a little reflection, I know that I don’t have any “white” models on my website. Obviously, I have to make some changes.

In the meantime, to all my Italian ,Polish, British; all right, if I must say it; all my “white” friends, you can absolutely use our natural hair products to manage your curly, kinky, wavy, unruly, hair. After all, that’s what the “black” people are doing.

New options hair care is not only for “black” people; “white” people can use our natural hair relaxers too.

By the way, we can all use the same instructions.  Unbelievable!  Right?


How to Fix Damaged Hair

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Fixing damaged hair

Stylists and owner, Gretchen of God’s Hair Heaven, in Hillside NJ

How to Fix Damaged Hair

In this post im going to show and tell you how to fix damaged hair.

There are several reasons why hair can be damaged.

It can come from chemical over processing. It can be dry, from lack of moisture or even from product build up.

Fixing damaged hair can be complex.

If your hair  is damaged due to chemical over processing with a relaxer or hair color, you want to get a good protein conditioner. (more…)

Why Women Are Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Hair

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Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Why Are Women Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Hair

It’s no secret that many women are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair these days. Zina Saro-Wiwa, wrote an excellent article in the New York Times on the subject. I think my professional base would benefit from a quick read.

According to the Mintel report, 48% of Black women associate natural and curly hair styles with confidence. They consider them trendy and daring. (more…)

New Natural Relaxer Technology

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Natural Relaxer

Natural Relaxer

Natural relaxer by New Options Hair Care is safe and won’t  harm your hair.

We’ve combined advanced relaxing technology with alkaline salt minerals.

This unique formula has 99.9% less chemicals and takes half the time of a press and curl, to process. The hair will not revert! …the experience is amazing.

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is a part of a Ph balancing treatment family. Its properties condition hair into a new alkalized state, softening and straightening cuticle tissue. Unlike traditional hair relaxers, it does not subtract or rob the hair of its natural cuticle layer in order for straightness to occur.

Alkaline Mineral is a safe alternative to the Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Hair Treatment, and chemical straightening systems.

Brazilian Blowout Alternative.

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brazilian blowout alternative

Hair Stylist Kasandra Slade, Hair Chalet Multi-Cultural Hair Designs, Maplewood, NJ


Move over Brazilian Blowout, Keratin hair treatments and chemical straighteners of every kind. There is a NEW Alternative in town that cannot and will not be ignored.

We call it a Brazilian Blowout Alternative because its, a newly discovered alternative that employs a natural remedy, that we’re all familiar and comfortable with; sodium, salt; and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ask Kasandra Slade, hair stylist at Hair Chalet Multi-Cultural Hair Designs, in Maplewood, New Jersey. (more…)