Can There Really Be An All Natural Relaxer For Black Hair?

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This was the first objection I ran into as a career beauty supply salesman.

I worked for Dudley Products Company back in the “Glory Days”, my mother was a Cosmetologist and Vigorol was the closest thing we had to a “Natural Relaxer” until Rio stepped onto the scene.

If you remember anything about Rio, you remember that it was a disaster.

It was a disaster because Rio, like Vigorol, is a thioglycolic acid, which is cool until you try to apply a chemical relaxer on top of it.

There was hair loss by the bag full and it affected to whole country.

Chemical Relaxers are Alkaline, usually with a pH of 13 or more.

It was African American men who originally used a relaxer on natural hair and it worked out fine because they would have the damaged hair cut one to two weeks after the relaxer and no one ever noticed effects.

It didn’t work out as well for African American women.

Can There Really Be An All Natural Relaxer For Black Hair?

The short answer is no! But it’s not the only answer.

If by “Relax”, you mean “Straighten”, the answer is no, there are no chemical free relaxers that will permanently straighten your hair.

However, being a professional in the industry for more than 25 years, I know that chemical relaxers don’t “Relax”; they destroy!

A chemical relaxer is made up of sodium hydroxide which can dissolve cuticle at a rate of 1% per minute after the initial application.

If you process your hair for 20 minutes with a chemical relaxer, you will lose 20% of the diameter of your hair strand.

What Is A Natural Relaxer And How Does It Work On Natural Hair?

For the sake of our discussion I’m going to define a “Natural Relaxer” as a relaxer that doesn’t include any harmful chemicals. The major culprit in any chemical hair relaxer is Hydroxide.

From my personal experience I have discovered that most women really don’t want to relax their hair.

Most of the clients that we have encountered just want their hair to be more manageable; they want the assurance that their hair is going to be healthy and they want to save time.

I’ve been around the beauty industry for more than 30 years now, I’m a second generation Cosmetologist.

Back in the early ’60s to late ’70s, I watch my mother and her peers make spectacular livings performing a service called, “Press n Curl”.

They were using heat (a natural element) to press hair straight and if you can remember, the hair was beautiful and we didn’t have any problems at all with growth.

Press n Curl hair styles have yielded the longest hair for African American women that I’ve seen in recent decades.

We were well aware that Black Women didn’t have to have straight hair in order to wear straight styles.

As a result of this knowledge we have made some advancements in the field and have been able to create a natural relaxer by creating an Alkaline based product, but removing the Hydroxide leg.

We’ve know for a long time that we can straighten super curly hair with heat.

All we had to do is make the hair Soft. Once super curly hair is softened, it can easily be straightened.

Healthy Hair Relaxers

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 I’m On the Mountaintop Thinking About a few things concerning Healthy Hair Relaxers

 Hello Family,
I know I’m always reaching out to you about our chemical-free alkaline mineral softener but, the truth is, we still sell more Enzyme No Lye Relaxer.
Even though we are passionate about our chemical free alternative, we still sell a chemical relaxer.
Don’t be alarmed however, because we would never sell formulas that are prevalent in today’s beauty market; especially with the stellar record and reputation that we have concerning healthy hair.
But I submit to you, that if you are wearing your hair straight (straight hair is an option too!) and you try our Enzyme No Lye, you will see such a noticeable difference in the thickness and health of your straight hair, that you’ll be hard-pressed to ever use another formula.
Yes, this relaxer (New Options Enzyme No Lye) is a chemical, but it is more gentle than any other chemical relaxer in the marketplace.
The major factor is the enzyme. The enzymes slows the straightening process, allowing for maximum thickness and preserves a functioning cuticle layer.
This process helps the hair to retain moisture.
This particular product may not be for you, but our experience tells us that someone in your family and friends circle is still relaxing their hair.
Please turn them on to this special deal and save them from destroying their beautiful hair!
Thanks Fam!

New Options Hair Care Review

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New Options Hair Care Review

I won’t keep you long, but I had to share this New Options Hair Care review with you.

 Hello, New Options Nation!

Can you please share this with your family and friends?

Oh, by the way, please call me when you place your next order, tell me your name and I will include a free thermo oil.

Remember, to call or email me so that I’m reminded.

You have to try this, it’s a water soluble hair oil, no petroleum, only soy bean.

It’s a great moisturizer for hair and skin and it won’t be greasy.

Enjoy the passion in this review, I certainly did.

Thank you so much Ms. Freeman, your passion came through “big time” with this review. It confirms that we are on the right track.

We are quickly gaining the confidence of the public and I am feeling like a free man too!

“I couldn’t find any product for natural hair that really did what it said it would do.


I ordered this New Options product because I was desperate to stay natural.


God is my witness in whom I serve, this product work miracle on African American hair.


I can manage and do my own natural hair without the pricey product that you invest in and it doesn’t get the job done.


So, if you are natural and having problems with your transitioning or managing your hair, please try this product, very reasonable, especially when you are purchasing other product and not getting the result you want.


It is also 99% chemical free!”

-Antoinette Freeman

How to Soften and Color Natural Hair on the Same Day

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how to relax and color the same day

How to Soften and Color Hair on the Same Day

I’m getting lots of calls from customers who want to wear color and also want to use our chemical free alkaline mineral softener.

The key to wearing color, in this instance, is that your hair is healthy and has not been compromised by previous use of harsh chemicals.

If you’re already wearing color, we want to make sure that your hair is strong and healthy before we soften.

In this case, we want to recommend our Reconstructor-Penetrator as a first step.
Reconstructor Penetrator is a fruit amino acid (protein) that will assure that your color treated hair is in great shape, before we start.
Apply Reconstructor – Penetrator to the color treated hair. Don’t cover the new growth.
 Next, sit under a warm dryer or just use heat cap for 15 minutes.
 When you’re done with the dryer, don’t rinse the Reconstructor.
Let your scalp cool down before applying the Alkaline Mineral Softener directly to the new growth, only after processing your hair with Alkaline Mineral Softener for the appropriate amount of time, ie. 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.
 Next, pull the Alkaline Mineral Softener through to the ends of your hair, only for as long as it takes to get to the shampoo bowl, (5 or 6 minutes).
 Rinse everything together; shampoo moisturize, (new options has a leave-in conditioner) roller set, blow dry curl, wash and go.
 If you want to color and soften, the same day, be sure and process with your Alkaline Mineral Softener first; rinse, shampoo, towel blot really well and then proceed to apply your color.
Next, rinse your color, shampoo and then apply your moisturizer.
If you’re looking for a package deal that will include all of the tools necessary, please consider our package deal # 1
 Okay, gotta go!
Thanks so much!

Solving Natural Hair Care Issues, One Issue At a Time

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Natural Hair Care Advertising Exceeds Expectations

Hello again New Options Nation,

I want to thank you all for participating in the online special that I ran in the first quarter it was a spectacular success.
Honestly, as a small business owner, it was the first time that an advertising vehicle, besides face-to-face sales,  has ever worked for me.
I must say, I was caught off-guard a little. I can feel some of you nodding your head in agreement; because I ran out of Softener twice!
Well, I’ve solved that problem and I’m ready to go.

We’ve been getting fantastic reviews!

Also, we’ve been getting fantastic reviews! Check this one:

“I feel like it was made just for me. This is the best product I ever used, hands down. My hair is soft, shiny, manageable and most of all healthy. I don’t fear sweating at all and I can’t say enough.

I am definitely ordering more. I actually love my hair now.

I can’t thank you enough.”

Diane Smith

Listen, some of you only ordered the Alkaline Mineral Softener and that’s perfectly fine, because you don’t really need any special shampoo to use this product.

However, our shampoo and conditioners have special qualities that I believe you’re going to really enjoy.

If you order our Package Deal # 3, the shampoo and moisturizer is included for only $49.95.

As a special bonus everyone that orders this package deal will get an automatic upgrade which will include a Reconstructor Penetrator, which is a hair care maintenance product that you’re not going to want to live without, once you’ve tried it.

Okay, I got to go. It’s like, 80 degrees out here and I’m writing this in my car.

This offer is good for the month of April only.

Thanks family,

Stay beautiful

natural hair relaxer

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is the best natural relaxer choice on the planet!

The Emotional Side of Natural Hair

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transition into natural hair

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Try to straighten a sisters hair, who has already experienced the “BIG CHOP”.

Let me say this; serving the natural hair beauty market is no joke. It’s not something you can take lightly.
The emotional and psychological space of a woman and her natural hair experience can be a serious place; (if there are any men out there reading this, you may or may not know what I’m talking about) but if you don’t know, you’d better ask SOMEBODY!
Try to straighten a sisters hair, who has already experienced the “BIG CHOP”. “My hair has grown back, I’m having difficulty, trying to manage, I’m a professional, I need to work; not spend all day doing my hair.” “But, you want me to do what? Oh *Heck* No! I’m never putting another relaxer in my hair, ever!”
We’re dealing with clients everyday and I can’t say that I’ve heard it all, but, I’ve heard enough.
I know there’s a deep psychologically skepticism for any woman who has lost her hair and has finally seen the light.
If she hasn’t been able to make a demonstration of the quality and style she would like to portray, it can affect everything from her job outlook, to her personal relationships.

Its All About Who’s Wearing The Pants

It reminds me of the time my mother bought me these pants. They were red and blue striped from top to bottom.
I attended School # 12, a grammar school, in Paterson NJ, back in the 1960s.

Natural Hair

Public School # 12, Paterson, NJ

One day, I arrived at school and one of the little girls and I were wearing the exact same pants!
When I saw her, I GASPED! I almost passed out!
I ran out of the class before anyone noticed me and I never returned to school with those pants on again.
I even got a “smack down” over it, from Mom. She said, “you are going to wear those pants!, There’s nothing wrong with those pants!”
I even played “hooky”, just so no one would see me in those pants.
I shared that story, to let you know, that I know, how crazy it can be, if you’re not looking the way you want to look!

How are they going to concentrate on learning

So, let’s not even go there with young girls. How are they going to concentrate on learning, if they’re concentrating on what their hair is looking like? If their hair is not acceptable to them and their peers, the psychological trauma can be debilitating.
I said all that, to say that I take my responsibility to help care for natural hair very seriously, because I know the effect it can have on a person’s well-being and personal success.
Speaking of well-being here is a package deal that features a softener and a hair repair kit.
This package contains everything you need to repair and transition.
Good day Y’all,

Is Natural Hair Relaxer Still a Chemical?

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Natural Hair Relaxer

The best natural hair relaxer formula on the Planet!


New Options is the Best Natural Hair Relaxer Option.

I thought this would be an interesting read. This is an actual comment that a prospective customer posted on the New Options Facebook Business Page.

I think its a fair assertion, and it gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain why we think New Options is the best natural hair relaxer Option.

She said,

“Here’s the thing. Its supposed to soften hair and needs to be reapplied to the roots every 6-8 weeks… Doesn’t that remind you all of perms/relaxers? Sure it doesn’t straighten your hair, but it is chemical processing since it softens the curls in your hair.”

I answered,

I can understand your perspective. There’s a lot of conversation about what’s chemical and what’s natural.

We don’t claim that this product is 100% natural because then we would have to participate in the disagreements about what’s natural and what’s not natural.

This product is made of Sodium, NaCl, salt; and salt is a compound that we’re all familiar with.

Epsom Salt Makes Your Skin Soft, Alkaline Mineral Softener Makes Your Hair Soft

We use it in Epsom Salt, Contact lens saline solutions; if we’re ever in need of care and the body’s pH is to acidic, we use IV with a Saline drip.

My point is, that sodium has a similar effect on hair; it softens and adjusts pH, which is a perfect formulation for super curly hair.

Here are a list of professionals that use New Options Hair Care on a regular basis.You can use them as a reference.

Additionally, just because a product is all natural, by any of our standards, it doesn’t mean the formula is any good.

This formula is proven, safe, and guaranteed.

If you don’t like your sample, I’ll even refund the $8.95 shipping.

It ain’t nothin but a party!


natural hair relaxer

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is the best natural relaxer choice on the planet!

Your Alkaline Mineral Softener is On the Way

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Your Alkaline Mineral Softener is On the way

Beauty Professionals must be innovative or face consequences..


Just want to thank you again for trying out the Alkaline Mineral Softener.

I know you don’t have the New Options, shampoo or conditioner, so use any low PH shampoo (Most Nuetralizing shampoos are low pH) after your application and your regular moisturizer.

Please stay in touch and let me know your results.

If you have any questions about application, please give me a call at 570-242-3264 or email at [email protected]

Here’s a link so that you can get a great deal, that will include our shampoo and leave in conditioner for your next application.

If you give me a call and remind me, I will also send you a free thermal oil-cream and its water soluble you’re, going to love it!

Water soluble moisturizing oilWater Soluble Hair Oil

No grease, just shine and moisture!


Stay Beautiful My Friends!



The Hard Decision to Transition to Natural Hair

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Transition to Natural Hair

To Transition to Natural Hair Can be A Hard Decision

The Decision to Transition to Natural Hair Can be Emotionally Draining, But There is Help.

I was just thinking about a conversation I had with a friend of mine who has really been struggling with the decision of whether she should transition to natural hair or continue to wear weaved  hair.
I offered to help. My first thought, as usual, was to introduce her to our new organic relaxer for black hair, the Alkaline Mineral Softener,  but as I analyzed her hair, I found it already soft.
So, she doesn’t really need softener. She  would benefit more from our reconstructor penetrator,  a protein with a fruit enzyme.
Her hair needs strength, resistance and more definition. Reconstructor will do this, for her type hair.
But, I’m living in a dream world, because it’s harder to make that decision than one would think.
Trust  me, I know that, deciding to go to work without your weave for a woman, that’s been wearing one for the last fifteen years, would be like me, having to decide whether or not I was going to wear pants, when I go to work.
I tried everything to convince her that her inner urge to abandon the weave was not to be taken lightly.

Prominent Support for Natural Hair, Slips Quietly into The Main Stream

Transition to Natural Hair

International Natural Hair Meet-Up Day, Montclair NJ


I pointed to news anchors, prominent entertainers; I tried everything but she still decided  to go back and get that weave.
Oh well, when she decides to finally submit to her inner voice, I will be there to serve her and everyone who is on their way to that natural freedom.
I am holding on, but I can only do this a little while longer.
Get a free sample of the greatest natural hair management system on the planet ,  here’s the link, alink, alink, link, link!

Natural Hair and The Confidence To Transition

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Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

Natural Hair Conference

Transitioning From Weaved Or Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair Requires A New Level of Confidence

I was speaking with a lady who confided in me that she wanted to come out of the permanently weaved hairstyles that she had been accustomed to for the last 15 years.

She was done with relaxers, tired of weaves and wanted to wear her natural hair.

Her heart was so into it; it reminded me of my 1st attempt to swim the length of the pool during the deep end tryouts at the YMCA.

I was around 8, and every month all of the “guppies”, and “minnows” could swim the full length of the pool and graduate to a more advanced level; if they made it all the way.

Long story short, I didn’t make it on my first attempt. The life gaurd had to jump in to save me. As he grabbed me, he yelled, “put your feet down!”. I did, and found myself in water that was a little more than chest deep… Embarrassing!! I could have just walked to the edge, but my conditioned mind took over and I thought I was going to die.

Despite my earnest plea, she finally decided to go back and get her status quo.

I guess I’m a hopeless romantic, when it comes to natural hair, somehow it says POWER.

But I’m encouraged, when I watch the nightly news, I mean, sisters are representing to the fullest.

To see those beautifully twisted tresses, the earrings, the confidence and the intelligent articulation is breathtaking, really!

And how necessary, how vital is that image to the natural hair movement?

Very vital, very important, because it will eventually help to encourage the young lady I spoke of earlier.

Anyway, here’s some New Options value news.

If you purchase from our website for a limited time, shipping is FREE!

And don’t forget to send this to one of your friends.

Until Next Time,