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Natural Hair Relaxers

Natural Hair Relaxer


Natural Hair Relaxer


The picture sequence above illustrates how easy it is to apply New Options natural hair care products. The entire process took about 30 minutes from start to finish. The products used in this illustration were the Reconstructor Penetrator and the Moisture Retainer. We chose these two products because the client’s hair was previously over-processed through use of chemical hair relaxers.

Natural Hair Relaxers Gaining Recognition

It’s no secret that women of color all over the world are seeking natural hair relaxers and moving away from harsh chemical relaxers. The reasons are obvious.

Alkaline Mineral Softener will only soften and does not straighten or destroy the fabric of the hair strand. This is important because the cuticle is the amour of the hair and is a crucial feature when it comes to heat styling. This point is relevant because natural relaxers are designed to accommodate heat activation.

Traditional relaxers dissolve hair, the same way cotton candy dissolves when you taste it.

Chemical hair relaxers will also shave the cuticle, which is a vital part of our hair structure. Without the cuticle, hair does not have the ability to transfer and trap moisture. This makes it impossible to condition hair. If the hair strand has been relieved of its cuticle, you may as well be pouring your conditioner directly into the shampoo bowl.

Why you should consider natural hair relaxers

Consider the young girl that starts to use sodium hydroxide relaxers when she is seven or eight years old. By the time she is 18 years old, she will have dissolved two or three heads of good hair.

Although chemical hair relaxers were popular, they were not healthy. The proof is now apparent while observing how many women have opted for wigs and weaves to help to ease the pain and embarrassment of chemical and tension damage.

Our mission here at New Options hair care is to offer hair relaxers and other organic solutions that will help our clients to grow their own hair, and keep it!

We offer natural solutions that will assist our clients in providing a normal pH balance and a healthy hair and scalp environment, that will aid in the growth and health of their natural hair.

Stylist / Technician: Kim Givens, Soultry Scissors, W. Orange, NJ