Healthy Hair Relaxers

Posted on: June 6th, 2017 by Errol Crockett No Comments

 I’m On the Mountaintop Thinking About a few things concerning Healthy Hair Relaxers

 Hello Family,
I know I’m always reaching out to you about our chemical-free alkaline mineral softener but, the truth is, we still sell more Enzyme No Lye Relaxer.
Even though we are passionate about our chemical free alternative, we still sell a chemical relaxer.
Don’t be alarmed however, because we would never sell formulas that are prevalent in today’s beauty market; especially with the stellar record and reputation that we have concerning healthy hair.
But I submit to you, that if you are wearing your hair straight (straight hair is an option too!) and you try our Enzyme No Lye, you will see such a noticeable difference in the thickness and health of your straight hair, that you’ll be hard-pressed to ever use another formula.
Yes, this relaxer (New Options Enzyme No Lye) is a chemical, but it is more gentle than any other chemical relaxer in the marketplace.
The major factor is the enzyme. The enzymes slows the straightening process, allowing for maximum thickness and preserves a functioning cuticle layer.
This process helps the hair to retain moisture.
This particular product may not be for you, but our experience tells us that someone in your family and friends circle is still relaxing their hair.
Please turn them on to this special deal and save them from destroying their beautiful hair!
Thanks Fam!

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