Is Natural Hair Relaxer Still a Chemical?

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Natural Hair Relaxer

The best natural hair relaxer formula on the Planet!


New Options is the Best Natural Hair Relaxer Option.

I thought this would be an interesting read. This is an actual comment that a prospective customer posted on the New Options Facebook Business Page.

I think its a fair assertion, and it gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain why we think New Options is the best natural hair relaxer Option.

She said,

“Here’s the thing. Its supposed to soften hair and needs to be reapplied to the roots every 6-8 weeks… Doesn’t that remind you all of perms/relaxers? Sure it doesn’t straighten your hair, but it is chemical processing since it softens the curls in your hair.”

I answered,

I can understand your perspective. There’s a lot of conversation about what’s chemical and what’s natural.

We don’t claim that this product is 100% natural because then we would have to participate in the disagreements about what’s natural and what’s not natural.

This product is made of Sodium, NaCl, salt; and salt is a compound that we’re all familiar with.

Epsom Salt Makes Your Skin Soft, Alkaline Mineral Softener Makes Your Hair Soft

We use it in Epsom Salt, Contact lens saline solutions; if we’re ever in need of care and the body’s pH is to acidic, we use IV with a Saline drip.

My point is, that sodium has a similar effect on hair; it softens and adjusts pH, which is a perfect formulation for super curly hair.

Here are a list of professionals that use New Options Hair Care on a regular basis.You can use them as a reference.

Additionally, just because a product is all natural, by any of our standards, it doesn’t mean the formula is any good.

This formula is proven, safe, and guaranteed.

If you don’t like your sample, I’ll even refund the $8.95 shipping.

It ain’t nothin but a party!


natural hair relaxer

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is the best natural relaxer choice on the planet!

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